Today we'll talk about your dreams that you have seen Or dreams that your parents seen for you.
Can a Job fulfill all of your dreams or not ? And at the end of this video there is something special for those who can't leave their job I hope at the end of this video you'll get a proper solution Myself Nishant & you're watching Indian Guardian I help my viewers by providing solutions of their problems And I also give free legal advice on this channel So, if you are new on my channel consider subscribing. To find out a solution we first must fully aware About the question !! Because we can find solution for it needs So, first question is a basic question Question is "WHY WE NEED TO DO A JOB OR BUSINESS?" We all have few dreams Some want a good car or a good bike Few wants a big house So, we need job o business to fulfill all of our dreams Question No. 2 When we are young our dreams are very huge. But as we grow old dreams got smaller. Why is it so ? Our dream's circle is this Large !! But our income circle is this !! We all know very well that 80 to 90% people are job-class & salaried persons They instead of increasing the income circle They concentrate on making this Dream's Circle smaller, So, that it can easily fit into income They also know that It is very difficult in job to increase the income capacity Actually what happens, when we see a shortcut We get habitual to that shortcut And we use it regularly for going to office or home Similarly we need funds to fulfill our dreams What we need ? A Financial resource So, where do we get it ? People similarly have seen a shortcut names JOBS !! Jobs didn't take time as compared to Business At the end of the month you'll get a income a salary But ! These are jobs are like those shortcuts Which we use in daily life In jobs we get security but It stops our growth Where growth stops, income stops Where income stops, dreams stop So, at the end we have Only one option i.e., to make our dreams smaller But there are few who didn't accepted that reality They make their own way Many big names Ambani, Tata, Henry Ford, Richard Mcdonald These people instead to making dream circle small Increased this income circle that huge In which all of their dreams came true Agreed there is a risk on this way Agreed it takes time on this way Also agreed that it takes a lot of hard work on this way But there is not limit of growth & possibilities on this way !!! Few people have a stringent financial condition.

Thus they can't leave job What they do ? There is a simple way That if you are doing job The more you work the more you get Paid If you do overtime You'll get paid for it But for whom you are doing all this work For company !! Company is making all the profit But few people will say We are getting paid for it i.e., Salalry Tell me one thing What you are giving in exchange for that income ? It is an agreement in which you give your TIME to the company And company gives you income From my view this deal is not worth it because You time is very precious Your time is more valuable than your small income Because if you invest your time.

So, in future it will yield amazing results.That you can't imagine yet Question again came "WHAT WE HAVE TO DO?" You only have to do one thing that after coming home from office After giving time to your family & after dinner In free time You have to do overtime Not for company But for yourself So, it have 2 ways 1st solution is to do a part time Business I'm not talking about traditional business because it involves a lot of investment Today a business is called network marketing is getting famous But sometimes people got stuck in Network Marketing & can't grow For that I'll make a video in future You can do Network Marketing. But if you are not interested in that You can also do online sale purchase Today there are many online platforms which provide you a good income You can do that in part time But gentleman keep in mind that We're talking about part time business not about part time job Because if by chance you thought to do a job part time And you was thinking to overcome the pressure of that job But the pressure of job will multiply by 2 And you'll struck their more But there are also few people who can't do business Any business What they have to do ! Work on your skills Focus on your personality Like if you are in marketing Then you have to work on your communication skills Or if you are in accounts department Or any other computer related work You have to focus on your typing skills Indirectly we have to work on our personality & skills And also on our knowledge Because if in future your job is not available for you Then you are capable enough to do your own work Or can opt for a new & better job You'll get a new job Which is better than your previous job I'm saying it must be a better job than previous one Don't opt for a job in which your salary is low as compared to previous one Because remember one thing in life that we have to promote in life not demote

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